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Child Forensic Interviewing Services:

Forensic interviews should be conducted by well-trained professionals in a child-friendly, developmentally appropriate setting.  The purpose of a forensic interview is to provide the child the opportunity to talk with a trained professional about good or bad personal experiences.  They are often the cornerstone of the criminal aspects of the child abuse investigation. The National Child Advocacy Standard for Program Accreditation states that forensic interviews are to be conducted in a manner that is legally sound, in a neutral, fact finding nature, and are coordinated to avoid duplicate interviewing.

There are several models for forensic interview protocols.
Kid's, Inc. trained child forensic interviewer has completed over 40 hours of nationally and state recognized trainings that include competency-based child development. Josie Jaramillo, Kid's, Inc. Forensic Interviewer has completed child forensic interview trainings in the following models:

   The curriculum approved by National Child Advocacy Center/NCA - 80 hrs
   APSAC Childhood Trust
   Finding Words
   Child First - Cornerhouse